Written by HDI Forum Phenibut is a drug that acts on the central nervous system producing a depressant effect resulting in a decrease in anxiety and also giving a relaxing and disinhibitory feeling. One particular aspect of this substance is the fact that its empirical formula is similar to that of the GABA acid, resulting in an easy assimilation and absorption in the central nervous system, the previously mentioned GABA, is a natural depressant of the central nervous system, also being the principal neurotransmitter that produces this effect. This substance comes from Europe, specifically in the Soviet Union in the 1960s, at that time, the demand for a drug that was capable of reducing anxiety without producing somnolence was present. That was because the substances that were available at the time, apart from reducing anxiety, also makes the ones who take it drowsy, which was not adequate for jobs that require good attention, this was specially true for astronauts. Because of its relaxing effects without the drawbacks of making the taker drowsy, this drug was given to the Russian cosmonauts as part of their personal medical kit. The phenibut high can be characterized as “zen-like” with improved concentration and focus, while maintaining a calm feeling. Even though this substance is used primarily for anxiety reduction, in some countries in Europe and in the United States its main use is as an athletic supplement. When use as a supplement for athletic purposes, it’s important to know how to use it the right way. Taking in consideration the amount of positive effects this drug gives (anxiety reduction, calmness, increased sociability, to name a few) its important to know whats the effect you want to get when taking this drug. Research shows that different dosages can give different effects to some point, the minimum recommended dosage is usually 250mg and the maximum one 2000mg. Following this idea, lower dosages between 250 and 800mg per day can give you a relaxing effect and some people even feel more sociable and more stable. When using this lower dosages, you can take 250 to 300mg two to three times per day, its a good idea to start with a low amount of this product to give the body time to adapt. In the other spectrum, high dosages (1000 to 2000mg per day) can give you some extra effects compare to the lower ones, the most significant being better sleep.If you decide to take amounts near the maximum recomended, it’s important that you dont exceed 1000mg per serving and up to 2000mg per day. The servings can be between 500 to 650mg three times in one day, or if you decide, two big servings of 1000mg in one day. Something to have present when taking this product is the fact that you can overdose when using it, so keep it save, start with a low dosage and built up to a high one, and never go beyond 2000mg per day. Finally, what effects can you expect after taking this drug (the right way). As discussed before, some of the effects will depend on how much you take. The more prevalent are, anxiety reduction, more capacity to focus, feels of being more social and an easier time sleeping which includes better sleep quality also. If you like to workout, you can be sure that taking the right amounts of this substance can help you in and out of the gym. That includes, better time focusing during the workouts, better sleep which of course will help you recover faster, and it also may help you being more social, improving this way your social life. Without a doubt, Phenibut can be a welcoming hand when it comes down to your , sleep time, getting more focus, calm and even being more social. If you make the choice and want to use this product, do it the right way, and enjoy the benefits that it can give you.

Dr. Albert Martinez

Dr. Albert Martinez is a licensed medical doctor who works in the State of California. He his the Editor in Chief for all the medical articles posted on HDI Forum.

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