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Modafinil which has been effective in promoting alertness and getting rid of memory related problems is a path-breaking find in the world of medicines.

This drug has been approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating certain disorders such as those of narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness, etc.

As reported by the American Air Force, when tried on pilots, there were absolutely no side effects.

A study conducted by them has suggested that at pre- deprivation levels, it can be used to keep the pilots of Helicopters alert and maintain their accuracy for over 40 hours without sleep.

What is Modafinil?

Technically, it is 2-[(Diphenylmethyl) sulfinyl] ace amide.

But, for a layman, however, it is a novel alertness drug which has changed the lives of many.

It is an alertness promoting drug which prevents morning sleepiness and as the description suggests, improves alertness amongst its users.

How is it to be taken?

The prescribed dosage of Modafinil 200 mg is once in a day.

However, a doctor’s prescription should never be ignored.

For conditions not related to the sleep disorder, Modafinil is taken as a single dose in the morning or two doses in the morning and the afternoon.

Modafinil Benefits

Well, there might be an exhaustive list of benefits on paper, but the potential which it raises amongst every individual who has it- is humongous.

A child who sleeps through his class will now be attentive and grasping every single word of the lecture.

By preventing morning sleepiness and improving alertness, every student can become a bright student and every employee- an efficient one.

Human Resource would touch its peak.

Tests have proven that its consumption leads to positive impacts like that of general alertness, better mood, improvement of some aspects of the working of memory like digit manipulation or digit span, etc.

Why You Should Take Modafinil.

Got to your doctor if you have any sleep-related symptoms and get Modafinil 200mg prescribed for yourself.

You will never grieve your decision of buying Modafinil.

This alertness promoting drug can help you to get rid of stress and sleepless nights which are caused by tension and cure many sleep related disorders.

An important safety note about Modafinil

Well, every coin has two sides.

Though this alertness drug will not be a source of constant worry and ill side effects, a tiny percentage of people might face rashes like side effects- which are curable.

So make sure that you have your physician’s prescription before consuming this wonder drug.

Moreover, the fact that it has been prescribed by the Air Force of countries like India and United States and that the FDA has approved it stands testimony to the fact that this wonder drug is for good and is here to stay.

Modafinil is to be used only in cases of sleep disorders and not in any other situation, it must strictly be restricted to narcolepsy or OSA or SWD.

This smart drug has to be consumed only on prescription from the doctor.

And specifically after knowing the history of the patient.

With the help of a Doctor’s correct advice, it can change the lives of millions of those who live around us and are not able to contribute their 100% towards the society.

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