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Dr Jeff Ferrara was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. As a child, Jeff was always fascinated by matters innovation and medicine, a passion he has followed to date. Today, he is one of the most sought medical device consultants in the USA, with over 15 years’ experience in the field.

His Education

After competing his 12th Grade, Jeff joined the UCLA school of Engineering, and later graduated with a B.S in Electrical Engineering. He immediately enrolled for a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the same institution and excelled. After few years as a practicing Engineer, Jeff decided to follow his other passion, prompting him to join the David Geffen School of Medicine. He later graduated with a medicine degree, specializing in Endocrinology and andrology.

Jeff`s Career

Jeff`s career in the medical device consultancy field spans 15 years. His knowledge in engineering combined with his medical field experience, made it very easy for him to delve into this niche. He started out as a consultant whose main responsibility was to help companies acquire medical devices using the FDA process. Additionally, Jeff also assisted organizations in Europe qualify for the CE certification approval. Getting the FDA approval or CE certification is an arduous task that can take 1 year to 5 years. However, Jeff makes this process seamless for all, and to date he has assisted over 7 companies get their medical devices approved by the FDA or CE.

Dr. Ferrara is an Expert in Men’s Health and Penis Health

This is the main reason behind his interest to invent solutions and products that help to solve problems that mainly affect men. His area of interest was mainly on the male genital system and he has helped a lot of men in the sector. His most well-known product is the PhalloGauge Extender device, a men`s device that helps extend the penis size. Jeff invented this device in collaboration with friends, engineers, colleagues and his networks at the UCLA Institute.

Dr. Ferrara’s Medical Reputation

On top of his career as a consultant and Chief Engineer at PhaloGuage, Jeff is also an author both on the internet, and also features in many other print media. Dr. Ferrara has contributed to the STI HIV World Health Organization Conference in 2017. World Health Organization Logo He is mostly involved with matters penis enlargement and general men healthcare. In fact, he is the first doctor to complete an actual long-term (3 months), jelqing study using actual male subjects. He is the first doctor to actually collect real data on jelqing in a controlled, experimental setting. He is currently the author and editor of a lot of expert penis-related content published at Dr. Ferrara is also a frequenter at Quora platform and he mainly responds to medical extender devices questions and general men healthcare issues, although he can be of assistant in case of any problem in line with his specialty. Most of his responses on the platform have amassed tens of thousands of views.

Dr. Albert Martinez’s Review of Dr. Jeff Ferrara

I got a chance to speak with Dr. Ferrara when we were collaborating during an event at UCLA. I reviewed his medical record and it is extremely impressive. Not only that, but his knowledge of medicine and how it can be safely applied to patients is one of the best. All the articles that he has authored are very informative and accurate. I give Dr. Jeff Ferrara my highest possible rating and recommendation.

Personal Life

During his free time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his two dogs. He loves taking long walks with the pets mostly along the Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles. When he is not with his dogs, you can find him surfing or enjoying other beach activities at the same beach. He is also very active on social media, where he interacts and responds to queries from his followers. He operates a twitter account both for the PhalloGauge Medical Company and personal use, which can be reached here. He is also on linked in and Quora as Jeff Ferrara. You can also contact him directly via mail at

Dr. Albert Martinez

Dr. Albert Martinez is a licensed medical doctor who works in the State of California. He his the Editor in Chief for all the medical articles posted on HDI Forum.

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