About the HDI Forum Health

In recent years, we have seen remarkable progress in efforts to liberate data from government sources, health plans and health care organizations.

At the same time and spurred by this data liberation, the development of applications, tools and products has taken off exponentially.

The ability to harness data to improve health and to inform decision making is coming alive – we are on the very of significant opportunity to make a real impact on health care.

The Creation of the HDI Forum Health

The Health Data Consortium was formed at the June 2011 Health Data Initiative Forum to encourage the creation of a health data “ecosystem” that promotes and accelerates the innovative use of health data.

A number of organizations came together with the aims of promoting new data, making existing data more accessible by consumers and developers, and encouraging the development of products and services that improve health and health care.

The objectives of the Consortium are to promote the value of health data to improve health and health care by sponsoring events and activities, facilitating communications among stakeholder communities, and encouraging evangelism centered on health data users to further strengthen the ecosystem.

HDI Forum Health Editor in Chief

The HDI Forum Health publishes articles on health related topics.

The Editor in Chief is Dr. Albert Martinez, MD, and is currently licensed by the State of California to practice medicine.

You can check his active medical license status here.

HDI Forum is Excited About Health Innovations

This is an exciting time for health data and innovation.

Surely you want your organization included as a vanguard of the change.

While the internal infrastructure and the governance of the Health Data Consortium continues to take shape, we are certainly looking to expand the membership with other organizations that share the interest in liberating, promoting and using data to improve health and health care.

If you are interested in the Health Data Consortium, please email admin@hdiforum.org